Are you a valuation specialist in the Nordics?

Then, is of your interest. Maybe you need credentials for your expertise!?

Nordic Institute for Registered Valuation Analysts (NIRVA) is the professional organisation for every Registered Valuation Analyst (RVA) in the Nordics.

Credentials are important – They imply that an appraiser possesses a level of expertise and competence in the valuation profession. Credentials establish minimum training and experience requirements, professional and ethical standards, and require the completion of mandatory continuing professional education courses. Credentials set a standard to which all Registered Valuation Analysts adhere to in order to preserve the trust of the public and are intended to assure that all Registered Valuation Analysts maintain a requisite body of knowledge and apply methodologies consistently throughout a professional organization.

Often, when prospective clients are considering hiring a valuation expert, credentials are the differentiating factor that a client bases their selection upon. Credentials play a vital role in a valuator’s Curriculum Vitae and add credibility to opinions rendered by that expert. Valuations are often challenged. In such cases where a qualified, independent third party appraiser is needed to assist in resolving disputes, one of the first questions asked by the client/attorney should be whether that appraiser is credentialed in valuation.

NIRVA is an accrediting organization keeping a list of every RVA, and as such, provides credentials within the professional field of valuation in the Nordics.

As a newly started professional organization, Nordic Institute for Registered Valuation Analysts S/I is now recruiting aspiring members in the Nordics. Find below a link to the invitation for aspiring members.

NIRVA intro